Business Services

Corporate Relocations

Whether you are organizing your own work–related move or organizing moves for your employees, Miller the Mover can help. The staff at Miller the Mover have the training, equipment and experience required to make corporate moves stress free and cost effective. If you are booking or need help arranging a corporate move call a Miller the Mover Move Consultant and let us help you.

Office Moves

Office MovesIf you are moving your office, and would like to minimize disruption to work flow, Miller the Mover can help. We will work with you and your Company to ensure your move is done efficiently. We will work within time parameters that allow you to get back to work as soon as possible. If that means your move has to be done after regular business hours, we can help. We can also pack your items to keep things simple. Call Miller the Mover and we customize the move that works best for your business.

High Value Products and Freight

SPECIAL PRODUCTS (FREIGHT)If you are shipping commercial goods within the city, across Northern Manitoba or even across the continent, Miller the Mover is up to the task. We can service regularly scheduled runs, blanket wrapped service or meet tight delivery deadlines. Does your move require special insurance? Is a crane required to move some items? Talk to a Miller the Mover Moving Consultant to plan your customized move. We take all of the necessary steps to meet your special products and freight shipping needs. At Miller the Mover we have experience moving all sorts of unique items and meeting strict schedules. Regardless of what you need, a Miller the Mover Moving Consultant will work with you to make it happen.